AL25/30 Model


We stock individual OEM parts suitable for AL25/30 including:

  • Fuel Equipment
  • Bearings
  • Piston Rings
  • Sealings
  • O-Rings
  • etc.

Class Certificate:

  • Engine blocks
  • Crankshafts
  • Pistons (with hardened and chromium plated grooves),
  • Connecting rods
  • Coolers

Long standing business relations with H. Cegielski ensure the highest quality of our service.


  • high-efficiency turbochargers
  • single-pipe exhaust system
  • charge air bypass
  • charge air waste gate
  • bore cooling for extreme rigidity
  • intensively cooled seat inserts



Good lubricating oil economy with a consistently low consumption, generally less than 1.5 g/bhph (2.0 g/kWh).

Standard engine equipment:

  • Brown Boveri turbocharger(S)
  • Insulated exhaust gas piping from the cylinders to the turbocharger(s)
  • Air filter(s) and inlet silencer(s) on the turbocharger intake(s)
  • Charge air cooler mounted on engine
  • Forged crankshaft with coupling flange and standard balancing masses
  • Flywheel with hand barring rim, guard and coupling bolts
  • Torsional vibration damper
  • Fuel oil booster pump, engine-driven with built-in hand pump (only for MDO operation)
  • Duplex fuel oil filter mounted on engine with differential pressure gauge (only for MDO operation)
  • Lubricating oil pump, engine-driven
  • Fresh water pump, engine-driven
  • Indicator cocks, one set per engine
  • Starting lever for manual operation
  • Air starting valves in cylinder head (only one cylinder row in Vee-form engines)
  • Safety relief valve each cylinder head
  • Crankcase doors partly fitted with relief valves
  • Starting-air piping, including safety relief valve, spark arrester and non-return valve
  • Piping on engine for starting air, cooling water, lubricating oil and fuel oil with the necessary flanges, joints and bolts for connection to engine-room piping system
  • Connections on the engine as required for fitting normal instrumentation
  • Speed governor of Woodward make, with solenoid shut-down and electric speed-setting motor (for generator engines) or pneumatic speed-setting motor (for marine propulsion engines)
  • Mechanically operated overspeed trip
  •  Mechanically operated tachometer
  • Engine-mounted instrument panel with: lubricating-oil pressure gauge, cooling-water pressure gauge, charge air pressure gauge, cooling-water temperature gauge, exhaust gas temperature(s) at outlet of turbine(s)
  • Transmitters and switches for alarm and control equipment wired to a common junction box on the engine for: lubricating-oil pressure at engine inlet with automatic shut-down release in case of pressure failure, cooling-water flow at engine inlet, cooling-water temperature at engine outlet, cooling-water temperature at turbine outlet, lubricating-oil pressure at engine inlet, lubricating-oil temperature at engine inlet,
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