RT Series

We stock 6365 individual items suitable for RT62, RT62U, RT72 U, RT76, RT58, RT Flex60 including:

  • Fuel Equipment
  • Automatic
  • Piston Rings
  • Sealings
  • O-Rings
  • Other spare parts


Low-speed, two-stroke engines RT-flex,  are the optimum propulsion solution for merchant vessels with directly driven propellers. 

This is the simplest, most reliable and economical drive source for all types and sizes of present and future vessels. 

Their the most essential features are easy of use and maintenance.

New two-stroke engines are fully compliant with IMO Tier II NOx limits specified in Annex VI of the Marpol 73/78. They can also be equipped with SCR catalyst to meet IMO Tier III NOx emission levels and a scrubed to reduce SOx emissions to 0,1% - even with high sulphur fuels.

Advantages of two-stroke diesel engines:

- possibility of burning different types of fuel /diesel fuel to heavy fuel/;

- optimum powers and speeds to match ship requirements;

- simple installation;

- high reliability;

- compact and solid costruction;

- lowest possible fuel consumption over the whole operating range, especially in part-load range;

- low cylinder oil feed rate;

- low maintance costs thorough reliability and durability;

- reduced maintenance requirements with simpler engine setting;

- optimal temperature distribution;

- excellent exhaust valve design;

- ease of use and maintenance;

- long periods between reviews.

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