Z40 Model


Parts suitable for Z40 are available in full scope directly from our stock. We serve Ships Propultion Engines and Power Plants.

Having the necessary know-how inherited from ZUT Zgoda Świętochłowice, we are able to satisfy each requisition and we are prepared to solve each technical problem regarding Sulzer Z-type engines.

We cooperate closely with major European OEM makers, ensuring that all the parts delivered by us are manufactured based on the original drawings and present the highest quality.

Certificates are provided for all major or crucial parts.


  • The engine casings of both V- and in-line engines are of the monoblock design with underslung crankshaft
  • The bore cooled liner is reinforced
  • The cylinder head is of the bore cooled type
  • The crankshaft and the connecting rods are reinforced to accept higher peak pressures. Hydraulically tightened connecting rod bolts for improved safety and easier servicing.
  • The rotating piston is similar to that of the Z40-engine, however, with a bore cooled piston crown.
  • The injection system and the camshaft design of the Z40 remained in principle unchanged.
  • The ZA40 is provided with the „serie-4” ABB turbocharger
  • The turbocharger intercooler arrangement can be placed on either end of the ZAV40-engine as well as on the ZAL40
  • The proven pulse-turbocharging system is also applied on ZA40.



In 1970s and early 1980s, Sulzer Z40-engine has established itself worldwide as one of the most successful four-stroke medium speed Diesel engines. Some design features, such as the high mechanical safety level, the rotating piston and the intensively cooled combustion chamber components have contributet to the success of the engine among clients.

These facts have encouraged Sulzer to start the necessary work for a new development step of the Z40-engine, aiming at the following targets:

  • Utilization of the proven design features of the Z40
  • Improved fuel consumption to satisfy market requirements
  • Improved reliability in heavy fuel service
  • Increased cylinder output without reduction of the safety margin
  • Manufacturing costs as low as possible, achieved by standardization and simplification
  • Further improvements for easy servicing

This further developed engine was called ZA40 (ZAL40 for the in-line, ZAV40 for the V-engine respectively).

The ZA40 was produced in the following cylinder numbers and configurations:

  • In-line engines: 6ZAL40, 8ZAL40 and 9ZAL40
  • Vee-form engines: 12ZAV40 and 16ZAV40

The ZA40 engine used to be manufactured in these four following works:

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