Services for MAN Engines:

MAN's engines are one of those that we have the most knowledge and experience to repair. Through close cooperation with FSA Cegielski, we have access to huge stock of spare parts, technical documentation as well as service engineers, with official MAN certificates ready for your orders

Works we perform

  • Repairs and Adjust of fuel systems
  • Machining and polishing the Crankshaft ???
  • Replacing the Cranakshaft
  • Grinding the Valves and Valve Seats
  • Honing the Cylinder Liners
  • Major and Top End Overhauls
  • Wear verification of crankshafts and bearings
  • Sanding crankshaft journals to any required sub-dimension

Documentation services:

We have extensive knowledge and comprehensive technical documentation on engine repair:

  • New class certification for assembling crucial components
  • repair report (measurements)
  • Work’s certification