Baltic Spares Service acquired ZUT ZGODA along with its technical know-how in June 2013. 

We specialise in the highest quality OEM spare parts suitable for Z40, ZA40 and ZA40S. 

ZGODA has built more than 800 sets of 2-stroke and 4-stroke diesel engines under official New Sulzer Diesel license.


Back to 1838

ZGODA ŚWIĘTOCHŁOWICE has a tradition extending back to 1838 when the iron works were founded in the Upper Silesian forest. Machine manufacturing commenced in the middle of the nineteenth century comprising steam reciprocating machines pumps, blast furnac

Before 1939

ZGODA grew to the position of one of the most important machine manufacturers in Poland known for the highest quality of its products. A specialization of production was carried out after recovery from war damages: medium-speed diesel engines winding mac

In the 1950's

Hundreds of steam reciprocating main propulsion ship engines manufactured comprised the perfect background for the production of modern diesel engines. In the 1950's, the production of TD/TAD 36 & 48 as well as BH/BAH 22 commenced under the licence obtai

Complete Diesel Engines types

Diesel engines produced by ZGODA under the New Sulzer Diesel Ltd., Switzerland license are well known for their efficiency, reliability and durability, trouble-free maintenance, low wear rates and heavy fuel burning capability. The ZA40S medium-speed most modern engine covering the power range from 3600 to 12960 kW at 500 to 514 rpm is derived from from its predecessors, namely well-established Z40/48 and ZA40 types, comprising the same unique constructional heavy-duty features, which are:

  • rotating piston with a grey iron piston skirt,
  • mono-block cast-iron engine body with an underslung crankshaft for direct transmission of forces,
  • continuous-flow monolithic forged steel crankshaft,
  • bore cooled piston crown and same cylinder head without valve cages.

The design of the combustion space incorporates Sulzer proven features enabling the burning of poor-quality residual fuels on pier-to-pier operation. Thermodynamic optimization carried out on the ZA40S resulted in advanced turbocharging, combustion and injections processes as well as rating flexibility. The most important factor is an optimized part-load fuel consumption which is being kept down by special arrangements in fuel injection and a turbocharging system to ensure the best possible in-service economy.

Another economical factor is an extremely low and stable lubricating oil consumption due to the rotating piston design - permitting a small running clearance and forced, controlled lubrication. Last but not least, easy maintenance and long intervals between overhauls are also worth mentioning.

Marine Applications

The ZA40S, as well as older Z40/48 type engines, have been particularly successful in applications requiring compact installations with high power concentration.

A lot of Z engines, bearing the Zgoda name have been installed on fishing and fish-factory vessels, ferries, general cargo ships, roll-on/roll off ships.

They prove their quality as propulsion of icebreakers, subject to extreme load changes and continuous heavy working conditions. Highest reliability has also been demanded of a long series of supply/anchor handling vessels for offshore industry and on naval vessels

Zgoda Sulzer in Marine application

  • 6ZAL40S – 24 engines built
  • 8ZAL40 – 1 engine built
  • 8ZAL40S – 51 engines built
  • 9ZAL40S – 8 engines built
  • 12ZAV40S – 10 engines built
  • 16ZAV40S – 8 engines built

And another 502 units of Sulzer Z40 type engines.


  • RT mot 38 & 48 – 2 engines built
  • TD/TAD 36 & 48 - 40 engines built
  • BH/BAH 22 – 40 engines built

Stationary Applications

Medium-speed heavy duty ZA40S type engines are best suited for dependable base-load electricity generating sets and nuclear reactor standby generating plants requiring immediate start acceleration and load pick-up.

As far as standby generating sets are concerned ZGODA has gathered a wide range of experience during construction and special extended durability and reliability tests enabling the simulation of the real working conditions of a nuclear power plant. It is worth mentioning that the team of engineers from Zgoda's design office successfully prepared the necessary constructional alterations for this application.

Zgoda Sulzer in Stationary application

  • 6ZAL40S – 10 units built
  • 8ZAL40S – 6 units built
  • 12ZAV40S – 3 units built
  • 16ZAV40S – 2 units built

And another 77 units of Sulzer Z40 type engines.