ZA40S Model


Parts suitable for ZA40S are available in full scope directly from our stock. We serve Ships Propultion Engines and Power Plants.

Having the necessary know-how inherited from ZUT Zgoda Świętochłowice, we are able to satisfy each requisition and we are prepared to solve each technical problem regarding Sulzer Z-type engines.

We cooperate closely with major European OEM makers, ensuring that all the parts delivered by us are manufactured based on the original drawings and present the highest quality.

Certificates are provided for all major or crucial parts.


  • High stroke to bore ratio
  • Single-piece cast engine block
  • Underslung crankshaft
  • Rotating piston with cast-iron skirt
  • Marine-type connecting rod
  • Bore-cooled around the combustion space
  • High maximum cylinder pressure
  • Load-adaptable turbocharging system
  • Load-dependent, forced cylinder lubrication system



The ZA40S is the latest development stage for Sulzer Z-type engines and has matured into a medium-speed design that has attracted the confidence of shipowners and power plant operators. Proven design elements from the previous Z-type engine family, as well as new elements and features, were considered for the engine design in order to create a medium-speed engine which can cope well with the market requirmenets. 

These features allow to meet the following requirements: 

  • Low fuel consumption 
  • Low and stable lubricating oil consumption
  • Long intervals between major overhauls 
  • Few man hours for maintenance and overhaul 
  • Suitable for resilient mounting 
  • Fast engine response
  • Real heavy-fuel cpability
  • High waste heat recovery potential
  • Invisible smoke over a wide load range

Drawing on experience from more than 1000 Sulzer Z-type engines that have entered service since the mid 1960s, including those of the ZA40 design that was introduced in 1981, the ZA40S is showing that it can provide the right combination of power range, fuel and lubricating oil economy, heavy-fuel capability, durability, reliability and overall dimensions to suit diverse applications. 

The ZA40S engine is available with three power ratings: 

  • Max. Cont. Rating MCR = 720kW/cyl 980bhp/cyl 
  • Economy Rating ER1 = 660kW/cyl 900bhp/cyl 
  • Economy Rating ER2 = 600kW/cyl 815bhp/cyl 

Bore and stroke in Sulzer ZA40S engines is 400 x 560mm while stroke to bore ratio is 1.4. The nominal engine speeds are 510 rev/min for propulsion engines and 500 rev/min for 50Hz electricity generation and 514 rev/min for 60Hz electricity generation. 

The ZA40S engine comes in the following cylinder numbers and configurations: 

  • In-line engines: 6ZAL40S, 8ZAL40S and 9ZAL40S 
  • Vee-form engines: 12ZAV40S, 14ZAV40S, 16ZAV40S and 18ZAV40S 

The ZA40S engine used to be manufactured in the following works:


The first ZA40S engines were comissioned in May 1987 with the cross-Channel ferry „Pride of Dover” and around 550 marine units have been delivered since then.

94 engines of ZA40S type  for marine purposes have been built by Zgoda Świętochłowice.

Also, around 350 ZA40S units have been delivered for stationary power generation purposes, out of which 28 engines were built by Zgoda Świętochłowice.

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